Shine so bright that others may feel unconditional love, peace, and acceptance.

Find your Flow.

In mind,

body & soul.


Live in rhythm

with your heart.


METTA FLOW is living in connection with self, others, and the present moment while being rooted in kindness. 

Metta is Sanskrit for loving kindness. Being rooted in kindness  is the nectar of my mindfulness practice. For there is such joy  in our growing ability to accept ourselves and others just as they are – a necessity for being able to fully experience our Buddha Nature (our true nature) in our lives, which is basic goodness. Metta refers to a strength of heart that can stay steady in the face of comfortable and uncomfortable circumstances. Sometimes we may not feel warmhearted, yet with deep commitment to care for all beings we express loving kindness and the intention of good will in challenging circumstances.

Flow is a feeling of connection to something greater than ourselves, and when you tap into your flow state it is just complete bliss.  Flow arises when you are connected to and resting in the present moment. And in the present there is a softening that holds you. You are in your flow when you are living your truth, and when you act from an authentic place, which allows doors to open for you. When you are present in un-attachment to the outcome and rooted in loving kindness you access flow. Flow is subtle & energetic, and as the body finds flow, the mind finds stillness. My spiritual guide taught me that energy flows from above us, down into us, then inside of us, and finally extends out. You find your flow by listening to the feedback from your body, mind, and heart - without judgment. 

When we learn to be gentle with ourselves, then with others - kindness will arise.